Keeney Family

Christmas Pictures

This is the second time I’ve had the chance to capture the Keeney family’s pictures, but this time there was a special addition added to the family. I was a bit nervous, asking myself “how am I going to get 3 kids and 1 newborn to cooperate long enough to photograph” To my relief this session was a piece of cake. When you are blessed with 4 really good looking kids there is no such thing as a bad picture. Their dimples are the cutest thing ever! Don’t you agree? Jessica, the oldest sister, is so fun to watch. She acts like a little mama towards her siblings. Lane and Landon are all boys, at one point we were outside and Lane was running around with no shoes on. He was so muddy and dirty but he didn’t care. Then there is sweet Mackenzie, she is going to have such a great childhood with so many older siblings to watch out for her. These kids are just so sweet and full of energy. Check out a few of my favorites.



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  • Tammy Wilfong

    Such little cuties! The lighting in these pics is awesome but I’m sure you couldn’t take a bad shot with these four. Beautiful session!

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