Newborn Session

Sweet baby Jane was only 7 days old when I had the chance to photograph her. Her mommy had everything set up for me perfectly! They had a space heater turned on before I arrived, so Jane’s nursery was well over 85 degrees, which was perfect. Newborn’s love to be nice and warm, i’m always sweating during a newborn photography session but making a newborn happy is very important for a session.

I fell in love with Jane’s chubby squishy cheeks! ┬áThe newborn session was primarily spent cleaning her up and changing backdrops, which was perfectly fine. Luckily I was very prepared and ready for anything, so it was a piece of cake. Trying to get her to sleep was difficult though, since she seemed to be working on release everything in her system for majority of the shoot. That’s the joy of working with these newborns is everything is up to them. No matter how hard a newborn photographer tries, there is absolutely nothing we can do, except be prepared and very patient.

Jane was so sweet though, she gave me direct eye contact and was so aware of everything going on. These are a few of my favorite from our session…enjoy!

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