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Family photography is a great way to show the love you and your family share. If I could express what was the most important type of session, it would be a family photo session. This also seems to be on the bottom of the list of most people’s must have items.

There is a photograph of my great grandparents that I will forever treasure. (I was fortunate enough to have spent my childhood with them) family photographs are not to just hang on the wall but also to pass down from generation to generation. This photograph of my great grandparents is very traditional and lacks personality. I wish I had a photograph showing how caring my great grandmother was towards my great grandfather and how much my great grandfather was grateful and still in love with my great grandmother after being married for decades.

I strive to capture how loving a family is towards each other. I like to take a step back and watch from a far the love your family shares, then I capture it. My main goal for a family photo session is to tell your story, show how your family is unique, and for you to walk away from our session feeling loved and blessed to have created such a beautiful family.

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So you’re thinking about getting your families pictures done…great idea! Brittany Holtzapple Photography is located in York, PA but loves to explore other parks in surrounding areas in Central PA. Family photography is one of the most important investments a family could make. Not only will I capture the love between your family, but I will also bring personality to the images.

The importance to getting family pictures, isn’t to show off on Facebook or other forms of social media, even though I love sharing my family on Facebook. It is to pass down these pictures to your children. They can then cherish these pictures later in life and show their children and then many generations to come.

These family pictures, will take place at your favorite park somewhere within Central PA. If you don’t have a favorite park, I have a few favorite parks to do family photography York PA. The best time to do pictures would be later in the evening, a few hours before the sun has set.

Family photography York PA is a great gift to give the grandparents or to hang up in your living room. Doesn’t matter what the purpose is of getting family pictures York, PA it is one of the best investments you could make, and Brittany Holtzapple Photography is here to make your family photography york pa to be a fun, memorable, relaxing time.

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