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If you were to asked me what was my favorite session to photograph was, without hesitation I would answer I love to photograph children. Children are know to be the most difficult to listen to direction and this is very true. I believe only certain people can say they have fun photographing children. As a mother you have to learn patience. I have always been a patient person but once I had my own child, I practice patience everyday. Over time I have learned that patience is a necessity in order to be a child’s photographer.

I do not like to take complete control of a child’s photo session, they have control over what happens. The best way to describe what a session with me and your child is a play date. My camera is only there to capture our play date. I enjoy jumping into their imaginary world and exploring it with them. A child’s imagination is like a black hole, it’s never ending.

I try to bring every aspect of their personality out of them. Are they shy around strangers? That is completely ok. I will be able to show their shyness at the beginning of the session but I strive for them to be that silly goofball you love by the time I’m done playing with them. I don’t hide behind my camera hoping and expecting for a belly laugh, I work towards that priceless smile. I try to make your child as happy as can be, and capture it all at the same time. So let’s plan a play date together.

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Children photography York PA has to be one of the most exciting photo shoots to me. I love the thought of having a child in front of my camera. The whole session, located within Central PA, is all centered on playing! Does your child hate their picture being taken? I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make your child laugh and play while capturing those smiles and belly laughs. Children photography York pa, is about capturing the innocence and fun of being a child.

Kids are so much fun to work with because their imagination is like a wildfire, it’s never ending. Does your daughter like to play dress up? Let me capture it. Does your son love to play army? Let me capture it. I strive to capture what makes your child unique, all while having some fun. The way I enjoy doing children photography York PA is not planning a photo-shoot, it is planning on a play date and I’m just that fun lady with the camera to capture it all.

Our session will be located at a park of your choice, or one of the many I can recommend. Children photography in York pa would be ideally in a location that has of course a playground, so once everything is said and done they are awarded with the option of playing and getting dirty on the playground. I like to grab a few shots but I always bring a few props and toys to keep them occupied while taking their pictures.

I am always open to ideas, maybe your child’s room is decorated in princesses or with dinosaurs, we can always plan ahead and do a themed child photo session in York PA. I like to get to know your child before our session, if you book I send a questionnaire to be filled out, so I know how to personalize your session to your child’s personality. Children photography York pa is all about having fun and being silly. Contact me with any questions.

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