How I prepare for a session

It never fails, the night before a scheduled session I barely sleep. Do you remember being little on christmas eve night and not being able to fall asleep because you were so excited for the morning to come to open up all your christmas gifts? That’s probably the only real analogy that I could make that you will make you understand why I barely get any sleep the night before a photography session.

As a photographer, I have a check-list of everything I need to make sure is done before a session. Batteries have to be charged, my SD card should be cleared, and my lens should be wiped cleaned. Depending on what portrait photography session I have scheduled, I have all my props laid out by the door so I can easily snatch them up and put them in my car before I leave.

While I lay in bed trying to fall asleep I think of every pose, every detail I should pay attention to, what I should say when I introduce myself. I stare at my phone getting ideas from fellow photographers, I re-read all of my emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything that my client might have suggested, and I then question if I did everything on my check-list. Although this may sound like it could be a stressful night, it’s actually what I love. It’s what I would consider a good type of stress.

The day of a session I always check the weather, in hopes that I don’t have to reschedule. I check to make sure my client doesn’t have to reschedule. I check my battery to make sure it’s full charged and working. I take a test shot in my home to ensure my SD card is working properly. I pack all my lens and my camera into my camera bag. I stuff all my props into my car and then I am off to my session.

Being fully prepared for a session one way to ensure that a session will go as smoothly as possible.


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