Why I love photographing newborns

I love photographing newborn babies! I love traveling to my clients homes and be surrounded by the love that has been created under one roof. I love walking into a home, a stranger and leaving as a new friend. Spending hours with a family, soothing and snuggling a newborn baby, and doing what I love to do is why I love photographing newborns.

I know how important this time is in anyone’s life and I am grateful for everyone that would trust me to handle their new bundle of joy. I love capturing newborn’s little fingers and toes, along with their flaky skin and any other little details that they quickly out grow. Capturing something that seems to only last for a split second in our lifetime, is so important and I enjoy knowing that a family has trusted me in doing it to the best of my ability.

One of the biggest reasons that I love photographing newborns is because it is the most challenging type of session. Newborns have complete control over everything. There are many tricks to making sure a newborn session goes as smoothly as possible, but in the end it is completely up to the newborn how everything plays out. I, as a photographer, need a lot of patients during a newborn session to ensure that we get the best pictures. I enjoy that I may have an idea of a pose and the newborn just does not want to cooperate and I have to think quickly of a new pose, new ideas. Newborn sessions keep me on my toes, gives me a challenge, and I love every moment that I have with a new baby. 


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