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Check out this gorgeous little red head. Isn’t she so pretty? This little girl, Emma, was a¬†little adventurous sweetheart. Before our session her momma had forewarned me that Emma was a little shy. One thing I love to bring to children session is bubbles. What kid doesn’t love bubbles, within a few minutes Emma warmed… read more »


Newborn Session

Do you guys remember Chelsie & Shawn? Their maternity photography session turned out amazing. I was so happy when they decided to book a newborn session with me. I love when clients book more than one session with me, I take it as a huge compliment. Not only was I happy that they chose to… read more »

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Brittany Holtzapple Photography provides portrait photography services in York PA and surrounding areas in South Central PA. Many locations are available for Photography York PA and surrounding areas that will fit your needs to capture that perfect photograph. Photography York PA is a very exciting place to be a photographer, there are many great locations in South Central PA. Photography sessions can be held in both of best worlds, country and city. Wide open fields are only minutes away from the atmosphere of a busy/exciting city. Photographs in the city gives the opportunity of capturing culture and art all while taking portrait photos. Many parks in the South Central PA area have open fields and great wooded areas to capture the more natural type of photographs in your session. Many session packages Brittany Holtzapple Photography offers allow the choice of two locations. When looking to do Photography York PA make sure to tell your photographer if there are any specific locations you would like to do. A lot of photographers like to pre-plan out sessions and will scout out locations specific to your needs. Photographers will have their favorite locations and if you are unsure of where you would like to have your pictures done your photographer doing Photography York PA will be able to help you find the perfect location for your session.

Specializing in many different types of portrait photography is a great way to become a recurring photographer for a family. Brittany Holtzapple Photography can always be there for any Photography York PA occasion. Our services include Boudoir Photography, Maternity Photography, Newborn Photography, Children Photography, Senior Photography, Engagement Photography, and Family Photography. Specializing in these many different types of portrait photography allows for me to get to know your family from when you first fell in love to creating your family and watching those little peanuts grow up. I try to work very closely with every family. I do this because I work towards capturing each family different from the next. Every family is unique and I believe that I should work hard at capturing that. New customers may get sent a questionnaire to fill out before their session, just to get a better understanding of what makes them different from the last family I may have photographed.

Brittany Holtzapple Photography only uses natural lighting. There are many pros and cons to being a natural light photographer, but the pros out way the cons. Natural light gives Photography York PA a warmer tone that makes your photographs look more striking and creative. Also allowing kids to be outside and be playful gives the photographer a better chance of capturing those expressions that would be hard to achieve in a studio type setting. Being outside naturally makes everyone a little more relaxed, compared to sitting in a studio with lights facing every direction. There are certain times of the day that work better for natural light, and your natural light photographer will explain what time and why you should have your session done early or later in the day.